Bloom: A Christ-Centered Wellness Blog – Part 1 Meet Ruth

Introducing Bloom! Bloom will be our Christ-Centered Wellness corner of Lily of the Valley Catholic Ministry. Many women and their families walking through difficult early life circumstances may struggle with self-care, health and wellness, and prayer. We had a vision and the Holy Spirit led us to Ruth. Let’s meet Ruth!

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Queen’s University in Charlotte, NC. She first worked on a medical/surgical unit in Washington, DC. Then, after moving to NC, she worked in labor and delivery where she’s served for over 30 years. In addition to her work as a nurse, she recently worked on the side with a nutrigenomic product company where she began to realize how the body, when given the right tools, can heal itself and that it is brilliantly designed. She became interested in learning more and recently earned a certification as a Patient Health Educator and Advocate (CPEA) through the National Institute of Whole Health, an online program located in Boston, MA. This program focuses on five interdependent aspects of the whole person: physical, nutritional, emotional, environmental, and spiritual.

Upon completion of the certification, she learned about Reform Wellness, a Christ-centered approach to health and wellness. She has taken their program three times and recently facilitated a parish group taking this program at St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church in North Raleigh, NC. Ruth heard about Lily of the Valley and attended the installation mass of St. Gianna Molla’s relics in April 2023. She reached out to us and shared her interest to get involved in Lily of the Valley. Whitney, one of our co-founders, a mother of loss, and a Reform graduate, had been praying about how to include her skills as an occupational therapist and experience with Christ-centered health and wellness, into the healing journey for LOTV families.

After months of discernment, we bring you Bloom, a monthly blog to accompany your prayerful journey through difficult early life circumstances.